Branding / Social Media

Mariott Hotel Zamalek- Cairo


The Challenge:

  • The security situation in 2016 of a plane crash, tourists security, stoppage Russian & American tourists, in addition to the economic & politics crisis led to a sharp drop in tourists flow to Cairo & other touristic destinations within Egypt. It also led to the deterioration of major tourism facilities & airlines as tourism & business flow decreased.
  • Egypt redirected all its focus on the nearer & higher spending GCC travelers as a compensation for the drop in flow from other tourists segments.
  • The “Arab Travel Market” in Dubai was an opportunity for “ Mariott Cairo” to announce the innovative campaign that drew the attention of Egyptian government & Egyptian establishments from around the world and decided to participate in the campaign to create a stronger momentum in tourism sector recovery.
  • Although Egypt had been a popular destination for many GCC generations from all the 60’s till the beginning of current century, the new generation in GCC doesn’t relate much to Egypt & is attached instead to new destinations such as Georgia, Bosnia, Turkey, United States … etc
  • Until very recently, marketing for Egypt as a touristic destination has been very traditional & unable to reach to the wide GCC travelers, also the current social media channels used heavily by GCC are not being well leveraged.

What did we offer?

  • 20 promotional videos that reached more than 8,250,000 followers.
  • Created innovative & relevant content such as featuring 3 Omani young girls in an exploratory trip from Siwa to Cairo; a visit of a young director from Dubai to Cairo; or filming foreign cooks who were inspired by the Egyptian Cuisine.
  • Approached influential characters in the Arab world who are fans of Egypt to spread the campaigns key messages, such as Lebasnese leading female singer Majida Al Romi who were featured in two videos: one of them was shot in Old Cairo during Ramadan, the second was an interview with her sharing her views about the campaign.
  • Managing the campaign’s journalism activities such as writing press releases both Arabic & English and distributing them; carrying interviews for the client on main media channels – morning show on Al Arabia Channel, or in reputed newspapers such as Dubai leading Newspaper Al Banyan & the London-based Newspaper Al Hayat, etc….
  • Working with influencers on social media promote the campaign in Saudi and Kuwait.
  • Publishing more than 700 real stories happened with GCC visitors to Egypt and were influenced by the deep-rooted hospitality.
  • Spreading the campaign key messages across the Arab world resulting in followers from more than 45 different countries with GCC and North Africa in the forefront.
  • Stroke a deal with Egypt Air to assist in promoting the campaign & collaborate through offering two tickets each month for two winners to visit Cairo from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Doha, and Oman.
  • Preparing monthly reports detailing the results of the campaign; the targeted audience activities; and interpreting them in light of the analytical forecasts and strategies presented by the client “Mariott Cairo”
  • Preparing the client to participate in a competition set by “Mariott Middle East” system; it won the prize for the best marketing activity for a hotel.