Branding / Consulting

British Tourism Authority


The Challenge:

  • Visit Britain has surveyed GCC travellers to UK which showed that regardless of the increase in tourists number, a sense of discomfort has accompanied the visit to the UK.
  • Visit Britain thought it is impotent implementing its special program in the Arab Market, which it had an experience implementing previously in the Chinese Market and was proven to be success.
  • Visit Britain wanted to create a new brand to influence the gulf culture to target the gulf visitors through social media and traditional media.
  • Visit Britain wanted to introduce to all the U.K. based organizations & business to the brand & its goals and guidelines to insure that they knowhow to offer a bespoke service to the GCC visitors ( tourists, students or business people) and that they are “GCC friendly” understand their needs and privacy.

What did we offer?

  • 35 hours of brain storming, cultural and heritage researched yielded innovative brand “Hayak”
  • A brand derived from the traditional word “Hayak” of saluting in the GCC culture.
  • A term that addresses the feelings of Saudi Emirati Kuwaiti Qatari Omani Bahrainis deeply in spite of the diversity in their dialects.
  • An integrated “Branding” that included the identity and slogan in Arabic and English.
  • Copying “strip lines” particularly for those targeted youth, business men and families.

An integrated explanation of how to employ the new brand in traditional and digital marketing activity.