Specialized also in creating written content in both Arabic & English, with specialization in creative; correct Arabic content suitable for publication. Thechallenge in Arabic language that The Contourage team masters is how tocreate unconventional & compelling Arabic content and not rigid & dull, how itcan not only be correct but also emotional, poetic ; friendly to the public,written in a logical & endearing style. That makes the impact on the audiencestronger to sell or promote & avoid the counterproductive effect of Englishtranslated to Arabic robotically, without taking in consideration or even knowingthe idioms of the targeted group.

The Contourage DMS, during the ATM 2016, has launched for Egypt.Travel and Egypt Airlines a campaign under the name: ”Back to Egypt“ in Arabic #من_تاني_على_مصر

The campaign has focused on spreading Arabic content in daily basis on social media platform promoting tourism in Egypt. The Arabic content was specifically directed to the GCC travelers who used to visit, study; make business regularly in Egypt from the beginning of the 60‘s until the 2000‘s when situation in Egypthas badly affected tourism.

Nostalgia was the key emotion to bring out in those people & remind them that Egypt is more than whatthey hear in the news these days, and there are other very safe, affordable & beautiful area away from thecongested Cairo & the contentious SharmAlsheikh& Sina peninsula, such as Nile cruises, ruins in the Luxury; Aswan, north coast & Siwa oasis.

The campaign was very successful that it was extended from 3 months period to one year and many Arab stars; influencers have been the face for it.


  • The Contourage is highly enthusiastic about creating visual content for its clients for the purposes of promoting touristic destinations, it‘s one of the most creative & least restricted field which leaves a major space for innovation.
  • The Contourage founders have come across as one of the most effective complemented team in creating content as one has impeccable Arabic language & editorial skills, and one has created trends in static posts on Instagram, especially in promoting food.
  • The renowned Marriott company has contracted Talal Al rashed under The Contourage since 2015 Dec until now to promote their luxury brand The Ritz-Carlton world wide, focusing on the great culinary skill gastronomic offering of their chef.
  • The Contourage has created a hashtag #Talal Breakfasts under which many in-room- dining breakfastphotos were created, mostly flat lay styled, and therefore attracted the GCC followers to the brand the destinations, as they are heavily interested in cuisines & dining experiences.
  • Other hotels some tourism boards also approached us soon after to specifically promote their cuisines dining scenes in their cities.
  • Other hotels some tourism boards also approached us soon after to specifically promote their cuisines dining scenes in their cities.
  • Jordan Tourism Board has chosen The Contourage co-founder; influencer Talal Al rashed to travel to different cities in Jordan; make such photos & videos highlighting the cuisine in Jordan attracting more GCC followers; visitors.