Both some studies & the obvious current trends show that in this region videos are being the number one form of content preferred & consumed. in 2017, 74% of the content viewed on social media in the world is video, and in the region in addition to videos circulated on WhatsApp groups, GCC followers are daily increasing on Snapchat &youtube.

That being said, we in The Contourage has a special unit for video production only, and create them in a competitive way using different approached to stand out of the crowd: shorter, quicker, catchers & richer videos are more appealing, with emphasize on story telling techniques. Last year The Contourage has worked with Taiwan Tourism Bureau on a first of its kind trip to Taiwan, to make a video of a luxury trip to 6 different cities in Taiwan, with 4 key social media influencers & media targeting followers from this region.

The videographer was the main asset in the trip to document every city & take different rushes for different influencer & media person was with us, each influencer emphasized on a different aspect of the country: hotels, gastronomy, fashion, nature & culture/urban.

The video was the first for Taiwan Tourism Bureau to make in Arabic and for Arabic speaking audience, it has been circulated all over the influencers social media channels as well as in a Taiwanese restaurant based in Dubai for all the nationalities to see real, great travel experiences.

Some of major airlines partners also staring 2017 has made it clear to us as their strategic partner that video is key should we need support from their side, they were feature the video as main travel sponsor and we are planning to work with them again on a future trip to many destinations.

What is special about videos done by The Contourage?

  • *Innovative & original as they are produced by creative & progressive young professionals.
  • *Impactful as they always carry a pre-planned script based on Story Telling.
  • *Memorable as they always carry human & emotional sensations such as positivity, hope, ambitions & joy.
  • *Diverse as we combine, or separately create different video style: documentary, motion graphics, animation & virtual reality.
  • *Relevant & sharable as we show influential personalities in the videos in the right context the viewers can relate to and the influencer voluntarily desire to post it on their own social media & spread it without being forced or paid.