The Contourage enjoys a wide experience in instilling various businesses & destinations brands into minds of audiences, by reaching out to them mainly via social media, selective media channels & other activities.

On 2016 “Visit Britain” hired The Contourage for creating a brand for their international welcoming program which will be directed specifically for the GCC visitors & the rest of the Middle East; we chose the name “Hayak” which means welcome as the main slogan & the hashtag for the brand. Our branding strategy when coming up with such marketing scheme as follows:

1) Linguistics: not only Arabic is our mother language but we also understand this region’s different dialects from Morocco to Kuwait. We’re also experienced in journalism & editorial skills in Arabic as well as the psychology of interaction with what words, phrases, hashtags & other cultural references & meanings derived from both heritage & pop-culture.
Also having on board a social media influencer is a great adding value for us to understand the young language used in social media: slangs, abbreviations, catchy phrases, symbols, emojis, latinized Arabic & Arabized English, as well as the visual language which is composed of static & motion posts (pictures, photos, boomerang, album posts..etc); we enjoy ability to know what, when & how to use and also how to interpret these various inputs on social media.

2) Graphic elements: Brands created by us are transformed to different elements such as logos, hashtags, colors & DNA’s specific to the brands & their preferred platforms, then spread & make them strongly associated with the Arabic culture & local society references for the targeted audience.

The new & fast geopolitical changes in the area makes branding & social media a sensitive matter to use for marketing or promoting; this is why when we choose the words, fonts, colors & names we pay great attention.

The effect of the last years inundating messages that the GCC viewers received from news, has built in their mind an association of the colors black & white with something violent & negative, while on the other hand, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is using their flags colors white & green to associate them with positive & attractive things to the world young generations.

3) Creating buzz: Creating buzz on social media & rippling it across the circles in societies is one key specialty of ours. We enjoy an experience of 15 years in traditional media which entitles us to strong relationships with generations of journalists & editors. Also on social media for 5 years, we built a diverse network of key influencers from the region, those who enjoy real following & effect, with diverse content in hospitality, fashion & traveling.

That’s why unlike traditional branding companies, we don’t only create & design brands, campaigns & idea, but we also think ahead how the targeted audience will receive them & we make sure we create the buzz around the in a proactive way, accompanying it with suitable hashtags, text and visual content that will guarantee its spread & its effect on the emotional psychology of the receiver.