Media Trip / Social Media

Taiwanese Tourism Bureau


The Challenge:

  • Taiwan is an almost undiscovered destination for the Arab visitor especially those coming from the GCC region.
  • The drop in the number of traditional visitors heading to Taiwan from China and other countries made it start seeking new markets.
  • China has announced exempting the United Arab Emirates citizens from the entry visa in January 2018 which made things easier for tourists and business men.
  • Taiwan is an independent country that has potentials especially for tourism., yet the GCC & Arab countries confuse it with China.
  • A questionnaire has shown that Arabic speaking persons generally do not distinguish between “Taiwan” and “Thailand”, also they associate any thing Taiwanese with “low cost, imitated products”.
  • Taiwan is rich in touristic attractions with world class infrastructure. It also offers a variety from cities to mountains, national parks, gorgeous beaches, restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers. All of these are not discovered yet by GCC travelers.
  • Basic promotion techniques such as distributing leaflets or participating in fairs are still used by Taiwanese Tourism Authority, on the other hand, the GCC travelers are being targeted by new destinations through advanced media channels such as social media.
  • The relations between the Taiwanese Representative Office and the local media section in GCC countries are very modest and need an expert party in the region and its media.

What did we offer?

  • We have organized a concentrated fam trip for the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau in collaboration with the leading Taiwanese restaurant & tea house in the Gulf region “Taipei Dao” located in Dubai, to act as a cultural trip & makes it a center from which people can know more about Taiwan as a touristic destination.
  • We divided the main targeted markets of Saudi, Kuwait, and Emirates. We approached the best influencers in this market to be a part of the trip ”Al Arabiya Channel” TV presenter the celebrity broadcaster “Jamil Daher”, the fashion & make-up influencer of 2.2 m Dalalid; travel & hotels influencer “Talal Alrashed”, in addition to official media such as Al Bayan Newspaper.
  • For more than 10 days, we broadcasted more than 25 hours/day on “snap chat” for the GCC audience about Taipei and main touristic attractions in North Taiwan.
  • We covered four main dimensions that were discovered for the first time in Taiwan for the GCC which are: the fascinating nature, healthy food, modern city, and kind nation.
  • More than 40 hours of professional shooting with high quality resulted in a series of marketing videos in Arabic and English language.
  • More than 7 five-stars luxury hotels were featured and fabulous images were published on influencers instagram channels.
  • We managed to spread the private content of this journey for six months after the journey.
  • We held meetings in the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau Headquarter where we presented for an hour the nature of GCC travelers and their needs which led to the development of strategic plans by the Taiwanese administrators.